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Income Tax Planning

Careful consideration of the income tax consequences can make good planning even more effective. Our tax lawyers have the experience needed to provide high quality advise on business-related tax matters, including choice of the appropriate structure at the time of formation as corporation, partnership, LLC or other entity and proper structuring commercial transactions for the optimum tax result, and the array of other tax issues facing business.

But, taxes have an impact on many other aspects of life. As a result, our tax lawyers have significant experience working with our trusts and estates lawyers for clients facing the increasing importance of income tax costs and opportunities in estate planning, generally and, in particular, the planning for gifts to family and charities.

Our tax lawyers also routinely provide tax assistance to the family law attorneys on such matters as tax-advantaged asset allocations and support arrangements in separation agreements. Likewise, our real estate attorneys are able to call on the best available tax advice in assisting clients with real estate investments and management.

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