What to Expect When the Will is Unexpected (Article Series)

What to Expect When the Will is Unexpected (Article Series)


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A friend or loved one passes away, having lived a full life, said their goodbyes, and created a clear and unquestionable will with which every single person they knew is completely satisfied…That would be the ideal situation under which to carry out someone’s final wishes, but unfortunately it is rarely that simple.
Maybe the will names a friend of the deceased as the only beneficiary, leaving the family shocked and confused. Perhaps the deceased had remarried after having children with a first spouse, and they then leave far more to the second spouse than their older children had anticipated. What if the deceased had created a will in their final months, but their family knows that they had not been in their right mind?

In this series of articles, the Trust, Estate, and Probate Litigation practice group at Schneider Smeltz Spieth Bell will provide you with an understanding of the probate process and how it can be applied to situations like these. We will cover the process of successfully initiating and defending estate and trust disputes, breaking down the sometimes-confusing legal processes and the ways in which they affect real people’s lives.

We look forward to sharing this article series with you and hope that you will add to the conversation by emailing your thoughts and ideas for future topics to comments@sssb-law.com.



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